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comic con/ anime fest

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Sep. 5th, 2007 | 07:51 pm
posted by: pumprnickeldono in otakuclubphx

I just realized that I was (as far as I saw) the only one of our club members at san diego comic con or the recent atomic comics festival. Thought I'd give a rundown of the two (in reverse chronological order).
the recent festival was a culture festival, not an anime festival. The idea being to broaden its appeal and almost be more like a  minicon. there were panels on parapara, wig styling, cosplay, and gothic lolita. The gothic lolita seems somewaht impromptu and lacking in accuracy, but had some good informaiton mixed in as well, the wig and para para panels were missed by me, but the cosplay one had very basic information and I would say two things of itneres: joann's honors competitors coupons!!!!! Also, something about wig coloring with markers. there was a cosplay contest as well, with cash prizes. A really nice Riku (kingdom hearts) cosplayer came in fourth, followed by a resident evil cosplayer (tenucha, for those of you who know him) was third, Nyunyu (for those who know her) as sailor iron mouse was second and I came in first with my time skip chouji akimichi costume (a good wig can make all the difference).
San Diego Comic con was AMAZING!  200000 ish people on saturday alone! The convention center was amazing, picking up tickets took ten minutes, including waiting outside before the con opened for the day. I was there for Avatar related stuff, and wound up seeing the voice actor of bender pushing bender merchandise at the futurama booth, Sgt. Slaughter (the wrestler / GI Joe) and much Avatar-related fun. The panel was a great deal of fun, the gathering afterwards was awesome (I've never had an entire gathering cheer for me when I showed up late before) I was a runner up in the avatr costume contest (I was Uncle Iroh from the end of season 2). While wiating in line for my avatr poster/autograph, the voice actor who is doing Iroh in season 3 asked ME for a photograph..  My camera was non-existent, so I didn't get my own picture :( In an upcoming issue of Nick magazine (avatar special sept. 18) there's a possibility I will appear in costume :)  likewise for the upcoming season 2 dvd boxed set (sept 11), I was one of the costumed peoples interviewed in line, but no gaurantees if I'll make it on or not, I'll let everyone know, if they care.  All in all, though,. comiccon was amazing..  The dealers room was bigger than AX's, I didn't even see half of it!  Everyone was friendly and cool, and I didn't imagine iroh was that recognizeable!

for fun, here's a picture of me and the contest winner (Appa):

and from the cultural festival recently:

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Kevin is Strange

From: kmwill23
Date: Sep. 6th, 2007 03:57 am (UTC)

I am thinking the San Diego one might be mega fun =) I'll give Expo one more year though. Maybe they can pull it together!

I have to plan my cosplay very carefully, I am filled with all sorts of time constraints. That, and I reluctantly admit I am a bit OCD and like to preplan everything! I am planning for Comicon now. See if I can finish He-Man by then. Of course, I have to go back to the gym...

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